Sep 6, 2009


HARI ini saya terima lagi satu emel daripada seorang sahabat yang pernah memanjangkan email daripada rakannya. Sahabat ini jarang menulis sendiri apa yang ingin disampaikannya tetapi kerap memanjangkan emai-email yang diterimanya kepada saya.

Pada awal dahulu saya jarang memberi perhatian terhadap emel-emel yang diperpanjangkannya kepada saya. Tetapi apabila ada emel-emel yang agak menarik disebarkannya kepada saya, kini saya suka membaca emel-emel yang diperpanjangkan kepada saya oleh sahabat tersebut.

Hari ini saya mahu berkongsi emel di bawah ini dengan pembaca sekalian.

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Five Ways to Feel Great

Studies prove that if you want to feel good, make someone feel better.

Here are five steps to make that happen.

1. Bake cookies for your neighbor.
We've heard this one a thousand times, but how much neighborly baking have you actually done? Me either. Make it a family activity: shop for ingredients with the kids, let them help you bake the goods, and visit your favorite neighbor together to make the delivery (without letting the others see). Your kids will love it and for a few dollars you'll feel like a million bucks.

2. Tape exact change to a vending machine for a stranger.
I read this idea online the other day and loved it. It's simple, cheap, and effective.

3. Bring a treat for your co-workers next week.
Who doesn't like to waltz into the office and see a heap of fattening...I mean delicious treats staring back at them? (You could always go healthy, too.) You'll be the hero of the office and turn just another day into a day to remember.

4. Save money for a major tip.
Starting today put aside your loose change in a tip jar. The tip isn't for you or that piano player in the corner, it's for the next waiter or waitress who does a good job. After you have a sizable sum, head out to dinner with the family and, when the moment is right, which is usually after eating, surprise your host with the day- making gift.

5. Tell someone they're doing a good job.
This one couldn't be easier. It takes just a few movements of the mouth, a few moments of speech. But it can make someone feel special for the rest of the day. I can still remember a wise old lady who, after bumping into me on a New York side street at midnight, commented on what a handsome man I was. Perhaps it was too dark, perhaps she was crazy, but I still remember it.

When you make others happy, you can't help but feel better yourself. And when you feel good, the motivation you need to do whatever you want is much easier to find.

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Saya tidak pasti sejauh mana keberkesanannya ke atas diri anda. Tetapi jika ada dapat membuat orang lain gembira sudah pasti anda sendiri akan merasa lebih gembira.

Marilah di dalam bulan yang mulia ini kita berusaha menggembirakan orang lain semoga kita sendiri akan merasa lebih bahagia dari kebiasaannya.

"Tidak rugi jika anda berkongsi kegembiraan dengan orang lain kerana arus rasa gembira itu akan mengalir ke dalam diri anda dan membina rasa gembira yang jauh lebih besar dan hebat"

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